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Make Money Online Passively With USI-Tech

Automated Bitcoin Trading Platform Paying Daily.

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What Is USI-Tech? Our Honest Review On The USI-Tech Bitcoin & Forex Trading Platform.

USI-Tech Global Is A Bitcoin & Forex Trading Platform That Allows Investors To Make Money By Investing In A Bitcoin Package & Using Those Funds With An Automated Trading Bot System To Give You A 140% Return On ANY Investment, Averaging 1% Daily Return On Every Package.



What I Think About USI-Tech....

My Personal Opinion On USI-Tech Is That They Are A Solid & Stable Business, And They DO PAY Their Members Exactly As Promised In Their Business Plan. I Have Been Using USI-Tech Since March 2017 And Made An Initial Investment Of 4 Bitcoin Packages Just To Test Out Their System. The Price Of A Bitcoin Package In USD Is $65, So With 4 Investment Packages, My First Investment Was $230. I Was At First Very Weiry Of Investing More Money Into An Opportunity After What Happened To Traffic Monsoon, Losing A Lot Of Money There So I Kept My Investment Low Just To See How Long It Would Take To Recover My Initial Investment Back.

To My Amazement Every Day I Was Actually Receiving More Than 4% Back And In A Matter Of Weeks I Had Received Enough Return On My BTC Packages That I Could Reinvest My Earnings Into Another Package And Start Getting 5% Back A Day. I Started To Compound All Of My Returns Back Into BTC Packages Until I Had Over 20 Active BTC Packages In My Account. Due To The Price Of Bitcoin Rising Like Crazy And Being Paid In 0.002 BTC Currency Instead Of USD Etc My Daily Earnings In BTC Was Over $100 Per Day In A Short Time, & Did This By Simply Compounding All The Income Into New BTC Packages & Switching On The Auto-Rebuy Feature So You Never Have To Worry About Logging In And Re-Buying Another One Yourself.

My Personal Method On Using USI-Tech To Make A Passive Income Is To Invest Into BTC Packages And Use The Auto-Rebuy Feature Until You Have Over 50 BTC Packages Or Making Over $100 Per Day In Daily Returns, Then When Your Happy With A Daily Income Amount, Switch Off Auto-Rebuy And Leave For 5 Days Then Re-Log Back In And You Will Have Stock Piled Your BTC Returns In Your Dashboard Wallet Ready To Withdraw In One Click. After Withdrawing Simply Switch On Auto-Rebuy And Reinvest Your Returns For 5 Days.

Then Do The Same All Over Again. I Truly Believe USI-Tech To Be A Solid Passive Income Opportunity And Am Personally Making A Lot Of Money By Using Their Program. USI-Tech Has An Affiliate Side To Them Aswell So If You Are Able To Recruit New Members Into Their Opportunity You Can Expect To Receive A 5% Commission From Your Downlines Investments For Life! Its An Excellent Way To Increase Your Earnings With USI-Tech, So Telling Your Friends And Family About USI-Tech Yourself After You Get Paid And Showing Them Some Proof Can Make You Alot Of Money.

My Advice To Anybody Looking To Make Some Decent Money Online Would Be To Head On Over To USI-Tech's Homepage And Check Them Out. They Are Free To Join And Look In The Dashboard Area, Its So Simple To Set Up And Really Nothing To It To Start Making Money Except Make A Small Investent Via Bitcoin Or Payza Of $65 Value And The Rest Is Done For You, Its A Great Opportunity & Its Passive Income !! GO HERE And Check Out The Home Page.



  • Low Cost Entry $65
  • Pays Out Daily
  • Guaranteed 140% Return
  • Affiliate Program Pays 5%
  • Passive Daily Income
  • $800 Bonus After % Investment


  • Only Pays Mon/Fri
  • Only Pays Out Bitcoin
  • Lack Of Promotional Material
  • High Cost For Software Licence
  • Slow Support Tickets
  • Tricky Verification Process

Is USI-Tech Just Another Ponzi, Pyramid Scam?


NO!! I Dont Think So.... I Dont Think USI-Tech Is Just Another Ponzi, Pyramid Scheme Designed For Only The 1st In To Make The Money And The Others Scammed Completely. After Carefully Going Over USI-Tech As A Whole I Believe Them To Be Solid With A Solid Product.

Although Ponzi Schemes That Require You To Buy An Ad Package In Return For Your Money Back & A Bit More Work On Referring Others To Cover The Cost Of The Extra Bit On Top, USI-Tech DONT Require You To Refer In Order To Make Money As They Use The Funds To Trade For Profit Instead & Referring Others Is Just A Bonus For You. USI-Tech's Other Product Is A Forex Software Licence For A Hefty Price Of $600 Which Allows You To Earn Commission On A Uni-Level And Not A Pyramid Level. This Will Earn You Commissions Passed Up To You From Members Within Your Uni-Level That You Have No Control Over.

My USI-Tech Conclusion....


I Believe USI-Tech Is One Of The Greatest Bitcoin Investment Opportunities To Ever Open To The Public. The Low Cost Investment Packages And Lucrative Payment Plan Is One Of Kind & You Would Be Crazy Not To Get Involved. You Really Have Nothing To Lose With USI-Tech And A Whole Lot Of Money To Gain. The Global Company Is Expanding At A Fast Pace With ATM Machines & Debit Cards Due To Be Released Soon, Proving Their Long Term Stability. GO TO USI-TECH.